Watch: The Best 2008 Super Bowl Ads

Watch: The Best 2008 Super Bowl Ads

Tide-to-Go Commercial, My Talking Stain Ad "Queen of Hearts" Commercial

Budweiser's Clydesdale ad:

Pepsi-Cola ad featuring Justin Timberlake:

Coca-Cola ad featuring James Carville and Sen. Bill Frist:

Diet Pepsi Max ad "Nod":

Coca-Cola ad with Macy's Parade floats (including Stewie from Family Guy):

Sobe ad with Naomi Cambell and a bunch of lizards dancing to Thriller:

Budweiser ad featuring Will Ferrell:

Bridgestone ad with Alice Cooper and Richard Simmons:

Audi ad spoofing The Godfather:

Barack Obama's Superbowl ad:

Budweiser ads, giving beer drinkers special powers:

Budweiser "Wine and Cheese Party" ad:

E*Trade ads featuring talking (and farting/puking) baby: ad:

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