Watch The Throne: Jay-Z And Kanye West's 'N****s In Paris' Played Ten Times

Jay-Z and Kanye West's chart-topping single "N****s In Paris" begins with a Will Ferrell sample from the film "Blades of Glory"...

"We're gonna skate to one song and one song only."

But, what it should say is something along the lines of "We're gonna play one song and one song only, over and over, ten times in a row at our concert."

Being the reigning Kings of Hip-Hop clearly isn't enough for Kanye West and Jay-Z, who have essentially taken over the world with their top-ranking album "Watch the Throne."

Now, they're setting records on their "Watch the Throne" tour too.

The dominating duo performed the song "N****s In Paris" ten times in a row. Yes, ten times. And guess what? The crowd loved it -- at least most of them.

@SpikeLee wrote, "Last Night I Saw Final Show Of U.S. Leg of Watch The Throne Tour at Staples Center in LA. Jay and Kanye Killed It To Death,They Has LA Rockin"

@echohattix agreed, "#WTT "N****s In Paris" Performed By Jay-Z & Kanye 10 that is spelled T-E-N times = This Crowd Set The Record #HISTORY".

Others took to humor instead of frustration that it became the "N****s In Paris" Show instead of the "Watch the Throne" tour.

@Traphik said, "Watch The Throne concert was dope! But after the 5th encore of N****s In Paris, I had to get outta there lol."

@VonPea said, "just got an email from SXSW. all artists have to perform "n****s in paris" the whole week, over and over, on all showcases."

As it turns out, there was some method to the madness. The echoing encore was reportedly being filmed for a video and they needed numerous takes to choose from. I guess we have to quote Hova and Ye on this one: "That sh*t cray."