WATCH: Therapy Dogs Heal to Honor Late Sandy Hook Student

Charlotte's passion and love for dogs has started this beautiful foundation. Charlotte's Litter functions in memory of Charlotte Bacon whose life was lost at the Sandy Hook school tragedy in December 2012. Charlotte's Litter was created as an additional arm of Newtown Kindness, a non-profit which keeps Charlotte's memory alive by fostering compassion in children and inspiring life-long contributors to society.

Charlotte's Litter advocates and seeks to connect resources and experienced people to provide input and guidance to parents and educators about therapy dog programs in educational and societal settings. Their goal is to help people who have faced trauma recover by their use of the animal their daughter loved so much, dogs.

In this video you will join a beach party to welcome a new school year, at a playground built and dedicated to Charlotte, to help raise awareness for their program and the impact dogs can have on helping those who have faced tragedy. You are always in our hearts, Charlotte!