Watch These Adorable French Kids Break Down Gender Stereotypes

"There are no toys for girls or for boys. Just toys."

A French ad is tackling the subject of gender stereotypes in children's toys.

Titled "#GenderFreeChristmas," the video from the food retail group Système U shows kids discussing perceived differences between boys and girls. They say that boys go to work to make money, play sports and prefer blue things and superhero toys -- while girls take care of babies and like pink things, dolls and tea sets.

The kids then go to a playroom filled with toys. Their decisions about which toys and games to play with suggest that their earlier thoughts about gender reflect clichés they've been taught, rather than their natural behavior. We see girls playing with toy cars, trucks, drums and power tools, while many boys play with baby dolls and kitchen sets.

At the end, the video captioning states, "U Supermarket decided to create a Christmas catalogue free from gender stereotypes, where there are no toys for girls or for boys. Just toys."

Here's to celebrating kids' many different interests!

H/T Adweek

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