Couples Get Candid About Their First And Last Time Having Sex

“It didn’t last very long, from what I remember.”

You never forget your first time having sex with your spouse or significant other ― though depending on how awkward it was, you may wish you could.

In the WatchCut video above, long-time couples are asked to describe their first time getting busy in as much detail as possible.

“It was on a love seat in my living room,” one woman recalls of her first time with her girlfriend. “There was somebody sleeping relatively right next to us and somebody in the bedroom and then some other people had passed out, in the hallway-dining room area.”

Ah, young love.

When asked about the most recent time they had sex, every single one of the couples had to push themselves to remember.

“That’s by appointment nowadays,” one wife and mom of two young kids jokes.

Watch the video above for more.

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