Watch These Latinos Freak Out Over What's In Colombian Hot Chocolate

"What is this?! OMG, and it's melting."

If you thought there was only one way to make a cup of hot cocoa, Colombian hot chocolate will blow your mind.

A group of Latinos were recently asked to try Colombia’s version of hot chocolate for Buzzfeed’s Pero Like Facebook. In the video, participants were flabbergasted to discover cheese melting at the bottom of their cup. 

The simple but seemingly bizarre tradition of putting fresh cheese (think mozzarella) in hot chocolate is common in the colder regions of Colombia, like its capital Bogotá. At first most were skeptical to try the melted cheese during Buzzfeed’s video, but ultimately their taste buds knew better than to reject the perfect mix of salty and sweet. 

After they began drinking and eating their Colombian hot chocolate with glee, few could concentrate on offering feedback. Still, they managed to give the concoction brief rave reviews like “This is pornographic,” “This has changed my life,” and “Oh my God, my mouth just watered double.”

One man was even able to complete a sentence, as his table buddy applauded. 

“I love this,” he said. “I don’t know what Colombian out there decided to dunk their cheese into their hot chocolate but whoever you were, you deserve a plaque, you deserve a statue.”

We couldn’t agree more.  



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