Watch This Clueless White Dude Realize How Privilege Works

Thanks to a little help from SNL comedian Sasheer Zamata.

In less than three minutes, Sasheer Zamata explained just how problematic privilege is.

In a new video from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), SNL comedian and ACLU ambassador Sasheer Zamata takes a walk with a white, male co-worker whose misguided perception of equality prompts her to explain how deep sexism and racism still run in American culture.

The pair cover topics including street harassment, diversity in Hollywood, white privilege, police brutality, sexism in the workplace and feminism.

"Sean," a white male who clearly forgot to check his privilege that morning, offers his point of view. “In my experience everybody here in this country is treated fairly," he says to Zamata as a police officer stops and frisks her.


In another scene, Zamata's fictional colleague is given the key to the city because he declared he's a feminist. Surprisingly, Zamata does not receive the same rewards.


But, as Zamata says towards the end of the video: “You just need to realize that you have privilege. Because of your race and your class and your gender and a bunch of other factors that you can’t control, but that’s O.K. What you can control is how you use that privilege.”

Yep, it's that simple.

Head over to ACLU to learn more.

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