Watch This Gay Law Student Recount His Takedown of a Wannabe Ex-Gay Counselor (VIDEO)


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You would think that after getting a phone call from Harvard Law's LGBT group encouraging their son to attend the prestigious university, Scott Blair's parents would be proud. Instead, they were devastated and joined an ex-gay counseling group and tried to make their son straight. Scott agreed to meet with the counselor if his parents agreed to be more open-minded. Scott recalls the meeting:

[The counselor] sort of goes into this weird diatribe about how no one has ever found a "gay gene," and I'm looking at him, and he tells me, "You know, every study that's purported to find a gay gene has been authored by gays. No one else has ever found one." And I said, "I have no idea what studies you're talking about, but sexuality is very complex. Everything that humans do is very complex. All a gene does is control the expression of a protein. I would be extremely shocked if one gene can control anything like that."

Taken aback by Scott's defiance and pushback, the counselor pressed on, leading to a debate that touched upon which parent is to "blame" for Scott being gay, the Roman Empire, the African-American civil-rights battle in the 1960s, and more. In the end, the counselor ended the meeting in frustration:

I was sort of like, "But, you know, I mean, if we're sort of at this point in the conversation, I don't know what we're really talking about. All you're even really doing, as far as I can tell, is getting everything wrong. If you want a reading list, I'm happy to give you one." And then he was like, "Well, thank you for your time." And then he walked out to go talk to my father for a little bit.

Watch Scott recount his takedown of the failed ex-gay counselor: