Watch This Robot Nail A Backflip And Ensure Humanity's Eventual Downfall

Boston Dynamics fans the flames of the machine uprising. But it looks pretty sweet.

When robots one day rise up against their human oppressors and enslave the fleshy mammals of this planet, we hope they’ll remember how nice some of us were their kind ― the Teddy Ruxpins, the Furbys, the Tickle Me Elmos ― and ultimately show mercy.

Until that time, the robotic design company Boston Dynamics continues to fan the uprising flames by giving robots the ability to sprint like cheetahs and perform infinite pushups.

On Thursday, the company posted a video of its humanoid robot Atlas gracefully leaping onto obstacles and then backflipping off those obstacles with ease.

It’s actually pretty awesome. Terrifying in the long term, but today, really cool.