Watch This Very Chubby Bear Enjoy An Awesome Back Scratch

Someone looks ready for a nice long winter.

If a bear scratches her back in the woods, does it make a sound?

Hard to say. But it makes for a great little video, as you can see from this new post on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Facebook page.

“This fat bear is about ready for hibernation but got in one more back-scratching session front of the trail camera that our Okanogan district wildlife biologist Scott Fitkin regularly monitors,” according to the post, published Oct. 20.

The animal in the video appears to be a black bear, Anis Aoude, carnivore section manager with the department, told The Huffington Post. And as UPI reported, the department believes it’s a female bear that is simply fat ― not pregnant, as at least one commenter opined.

Whatever the case, the bear sure seems to be enjoying her evening.

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