We Can't Stop Watching This Woman Eat 100 Slices Of Bread In One Sitting

It's the greatest thing we've seen since ... oh wait.

So much bread, so little time. 

Competitive eater and YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita uploaded a video of her eating 100 slices of bread in under six minutes. 

Thanks to a little jam, honey, and mayo, Kinoshita is even enjoying the process. But at about 50 slices in, the carbo-load starts to get to her.  

"My jaw is starting to get tired..." she says in the video at the halfway mark, "usually my jaw gets tired before I get full or tired of eating the same food," she explains. 

Still, she finished what she started with grace, even noting that this challenge was pretty tasty. 

Despite taking bread to the face like a champ, Kinoshita is not to be confused with Bread Face, an up-and-coming internet celebrity known for smashing her face into bread.

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