Watch Tina Fey Belt Out Surprise 'Kimmy Schmidt' Duet At Broadway Gala

"30 Rock"-ing our world.

Tina Fey is like the Swiss Army Knife of Hollywood. 

Not only does she write, executive produce and act, but she can also sing?! Fey showed off her chops on Monday at the annual MCC Theater Miscast Gala, which pairs performers with roles they would never get to play in real life. 

It all started when Fey emerged from the audience to raucous applause while her "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" co-star Tituss Burgess was on stage. 

"This isn't the time to try and take my moment," he told Fey.

"Titus, I am your moment," she fired back. 

The two proceeded to sing the duet “You’re Nothing Without Me” from the musical "City of Angels." Lyrics like "You just don't think well / Get this, dumb gumshoe / You come from my inkwell" perfectly suited the actor-writer dynamic of their working relationship. 

If this performance is any indication, the "Mean Girls" musical is going to be, like, so totally fetch. 

Watch their full number above. 



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