Watch Tom Hardy's Bonkers Transformation Into 'Venom' -- Finally

The new clip gives fans what they had been missing in a previous trailer.

So that’s what Venom is going to look like. Wow!

Tom Hardy premiered a new trailer for his starring vehicle “Venom” Monday ― and it shows his full transformation into the Marvel Comics character.

A previous trailer focused on Hardy’s human alter ego, reporter Eddie Brock, but avoided showing the alien symbiote he would become. That annoyed some fans.

“See, we didn’t forget to put Venom in the movie,” Sony Motion Pictures chairman Tom Rothman cracked to a CinemaCon crowd in Las Vegas, where the trailer was unreeled, according to reports.

The new preview features Brock on the trail of a scoop and then wrestling the beast within himself. He unleashes its powers against the henchmen of Dr. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed).

At the end comes the big reveal ― with lots of tongue.

Watch above.

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