Watch Trump Apologize To Women In A Mashup We Wish Was Real

He even quotes feminist author bell hooks 😂

Donald Trump just apologized to women everywhere. Just kidding! 

A video created by the Divided States of Women mashes up dozens of Trump’s speeches to create an apology that we truly wish was real. In the clip, Trump apologizes for “degrading women,” and says he’s “embarrassed and ashamed” of himself. 

“Recently a lot of people have been apologizing and there’s one particular person I think we all need an apology from,” journalist Liz Plank says at the beginning of the video. “So, since he hasn’t done it we decided to say it for him.”

In the nearly two-minute mashup, Trump admits he’s not a good president and that he realizes women “are smarter than me” and “stronger than me.”

“I’m not a good president and any woman would do a better job than me. Now, in all fairness, Hillary [Clinton] should be president,” Trump says in the mashup. “I just wish [Canadian Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau liked me, that’s why I’m totally insecure.”

The icing on the cake is when Trump quotes famed feminist author bell hooks, saying: “Feminism is for everybody.”

If only this apology were real, it would be a great gift for the holidays.