Watch Vanderpump Rules' Katie Shop For Her Wedding Dress

Watch Vanderpump Rules' Katie Shop For Her Wedding Dress
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By Petra Guglielmetti, Glamour

If your uncontrollable leisure-time addictions include Vanderpump Rules and/or Say Yes to the Dress, hold on to your crop-top wedding dress, because we just made those two beloved reality-TV worlds collide in a way that'll make any wedding-loving heart soar. For her first time trying on wedding gowns, Vanderpump star Katie Maloney--who traded that infamous "ring on a string" for the real thing this season, thanks to a proposal from longtime boyfriend Tom Schwartz--headed to NYC's famed Kleinfeld store with her mom and grandmother, friends/castmates Stassi, Kristin, and Scheana and friend Rachael (who superfans may recognize from cameos on the show). And us, so we could document the beginning of her search for a dreamy, glam, but not-super-formal dress to fit the outdoor California wedding she's planning for fall. As it turned out, the beginning of her dress search might also have been the end, since one option had all Katie's spectators shouting, "say yes to the dress!", as one does at Kleinfeld. Of course, we can't reveal the winning dress, which might just be The One--but we can share this sampling of the colorful comments her crazy-fun crew had about all six contenders.

Dress 1: Romona Keveza (style #RK6405), $7,900



"This looks like everything on my Pinterest board. When I saw this hanging there, I was like, that is totally the dress. It's the dress I've been dreaming about wearing--and it feels so good to finally put something on! It feels real now." --Katie

"It's exactly what I pictured when you were saying what you wanted." --Mom

"I love the buttons going down the back. That's one of my favorite things about wedding dresses." --Scheana

"It's perfect. It's like, boho chic-y couture-y." --Kristin

"I like how it has that little hug-the-butt situation happening. My butt is my best asset. Pun intended." --Katie

"Yeah, you gotta highlight that J.Lo bod." --Stassi

Dress 2: Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld (style #4325), $8,900



"Oh my god, oh my god, you're The Princess Bride. You're The Princess Bride. She's The Princess Bride." --Kristin

"That is the prettiest thing I have ever. Seen." --Stassi

"I really like this neckline, and how the boning and structure sucks me in." --Katie

"You look amazing. And you ate pasta last night. How is this even happening?" --Scheana

"You have Mary Kate collarbone right now--what we strive for." --Kristin

"I love how deep the neckline is." --Stassi

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Dress 3: Pnina Tornai for Kleinfeld (style #4422), $6,560



"You're Kim Kardashian!" --Scheana

"You're the first lady!" --Stassi

"I do feel like Michelle Obama. If I were getting married at the Plaza, this would be perfect." --Katie

"It's very old money. Which I love." --Rachael

"Yes! It's very...Titanic." --Kristin

"I love this but it's not my personality, I'm not a Disney princess. Also I feel like I'm doing CrossFit in this dress, it's so heavy." --Katie

Dress 4: Zuhair Murad (style #W010W099), $15,000



"That is cool as s--t! When you're done I need to feel it." --Stassi

"I love how those parts look like fringe." --Scheana

"I've never seen anyone wear anything like that." --Mom

"No one has ever looked like this before. F--k, it's so good." --Scheana

"It's iconic!" --Stassi

"Tom would love this one because it's so different." --Katie

Dress 5: Zuhair Murad (style #006WD00), $12,000



"This is fun. It feels a little bit like a costume--but a really, really pretty costume." --Katie

"You're a figure skater!" --Scheana

"It's for the Olympics 2028 when Kanye is president and Lindsay Lohan is vice president." --Kristin

"My eyes go right to your legs instead of your face." --Mom

"Yeah, it's pushing it in the back." --Scheana

Dress 6: Pnina Tornai (style #4328), $9,600



"This is exactly the kind of dress I wanted to try on when I came here. I love the way I feel and look in it. This one feels a little more traditional." --Katie

"Whoa, this is a beautiful dress." --Stassi

"I would probably make it not quite as low...[pinches the deep V closed a bit]." --Katie

"Girl NO!" --Scheana

[Katie un-pinches the V]

"J.Lo Versace what's upppp?" --Katie

After hanging with the Pump Rules girls, we're convinced their friendships are just as real as their ability to pop out hilarious one-liners without any need for a script. Other highlights: Kristin falling in love with the bridal headpiece she tried on for fun to the extent that she had to purchase one ($$$) even though she's not engaged, and Stassi worrying she'd pull a Jax-and-the-sunglasses and "accidentally" walk out of the store wearing hers. And you should have seen everyone freak out when the owner of Kleinfeld presented them with official show T-shirts. Reality TV stars: They lose their cool over reality TV just like us. Stay tuned, before next week's Vanderpump Rules reunion show we'll debut a video we made with the girls. And we'll all just have to wait until fall to see for sure which dress Katie says yes to. Which would you vote for?

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