Watch What Happened When Equality New Mexico Transformed Its Board of Directors

Equality New Mexico's Board was mostly white, mostly male and mostly cisgender. With thoughtful consideration, extraordinary dedication, open hearts and a willingness to learn, they switched from a "recruitment model" to an "attraction model." Today, their Board is diverse and dedicated to intersectionality and social justice.

They've given away almost half their grant dollars to organizations led by people of color and transgender people while still tripling their organization's budget.

Watch Equality New Mexico's Executive Director Amber Royster give a rousing "FEDTalk" at Equality Federation's Summer Meeting. Prepare to be inspired:

Amber Royster, Equality New Mexico, FEDTalk 2015

Watch what happened when Equality New Mexico transformed their Board and gave almost half their grant dollars to transgender and POC led organizations.

Posted by Equality Federation on Sunday, September 27, 2015