Watch What Happens When Hidden Cameras Record Reactions To Ageism

Reactions ranged from outrage to a young woman who was just fine when they refused to serve her mother.

This powerful video, created by AARP, makes a brutal point about ageism in our society. AARP set up a hidden camera to capture people’s reactions to a food truck with a sign that said it would not serve anyone over the age of 40. The reactions range from shock and outrage to a young woman who seems perfectly fine with the food truck operator shooing away her mother. It closes with the point that if we don’t tolerate this kind of discrimination at a food truck, why do we at work?  

The video is part of AARP's #DisruptAging campaign that underscores the pervasiveness of ageism in today's culture and workplace. It’s tied to a book, Disrupt Aging, by AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins, about changing the conversation on age, which she discusses in the current issue of AARP Bulletin

She notes, “I hear people talk about the old birthday-card jokes for turning 50. You know—“Happy 50th—you’re now officially over the hill.” It’s just been acceptable for so many years. And we haven’t challenged it. We haven’t insisted that it’s no longer OK to make fun of somebody because they’re getting older.”

Until now. Let us know what you think of the video!

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