Watch What Happens When High School Boys Are Treated Like Women In Congress

Spoiler alert: they hate it.

Women are catastrophically underrepresented in U.S. Congress ― a depressing 80 percent of its members are men. 

But a new video by SoulPancake flips the script to see what happens when women become the majority. 

Teacher Nick Ferroni staged a focus group with his high school students ― 20 percent of the students were boys, and 80 percent were girls. The students were told that they’d been gathered to vote on new school policies. 

But the policies in question were incredibly gender-specific. 

Ferroni’s first policy was: “All girls get a get a 21 percent discount on all school-related items.” 

Guess how the students voted?

Other policies included girls having a two-minute head start between class periods and boys having to use lockers on the second floor of the school building. 

Even if Congress doesn’t necessarily vote for things that directly benefit men, members of Congress do vote in their best interest. Meanwhile, bills and laws centered around women’s interests ― like reproductive health care access and equal pay ― remain difficult to pass. 

“So, basically, girls are on a higher level than guys,” one male student complains.

Turns out it doesn’t feel so good when people who don’t represent you make decisions on your behalf, does it? 

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