Watch What Happens When You Spend All Your Time With College Kids

"I can't be in a relationship. Imagine dealing with this 24/7."

It makes sense that Jeff Nunokawa is a teacher. He is thoughtful, curious and wants to understand your perspective.

Jeff, 57,  is a tenured Princeton University professor who has taught English literature there since 1988. His entire life seems to be consumed by the academic world; he lives in an Addams Family-like house across the street from campus with bookshelves lining nearly every wall. 

Claire Fallon, a former student who graduated in 2010, described Jeff's love for learning as infectious. "He really had a gift for making us feel like literature was an integral part of thinking about the world," Fallon said. "If one of us made a comment he found interesting, which he often did, he'd stop the whole conversation to repeat it a few times, tell us how fascinating a thought we'd just had, and riff on it for a bit. He was endlessly interested in us and made all his students feel brilliant and special."

Watch the above video to learn more about Jeff. And if you like this, check out another charming combination of wisdom and exuberance -- 78-year-old Vivian O’Shaughnessy, who didn't discover her true talent until she was in her 60s.




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