WATCH: What Mourdock Says About Romney

Here's why Richard Mourdock's comments matter: The Republican Party has a brand problem, and Mitt Romney has a judgment problem. Here's how I explained it last night:

When one candidate for senate says something crazy, you could call it an isolated incident and say "who cares." But when another does it, and another -- including the only candidate Mitt Romney has cut an ad for -- and they all share a position with Paul Ryan, the man who Mitt Romney picked to be a heartbeat away from the presidency... then, you have to start asking hard questions.

If these are the types of people Romney is associating with, who will he pick for the Supreme Court? Who does he care about? What are his sensitivities? What type of person will he put in power?

Don't let anyone tell you this is really an argument about theology. It's not. It's an argument about social policy, and whether we want to live in a country where a woman is forced to bear the child of her rapist.

Nobody loves talking about this. It's disgusting and terrifying that people who hold these extreme views get this close to power, and this is a harsh reminder of all that's at stake in this election.