Watch Women Try To Recreate Comic Book Heroes' Absurdly Sexy Poses

"I'll be fine if I go to the chiropractor later."

The presence of fierce female heroes in comic books is a win for women. Their unrealistic bodies, though, are still a problem.

To emphasize how impractical many female comic book heroes' poses are, BuzzFeed had women try to recreate them. Before their attempts at channeling superheroes like Wonder Woman and Spider-Woman, many of the women said they were slightly nervous, but ready for the challenge. It turns out the task was quite difficult.


"I'll be fine if I go to the chiropractor later," one woman said. "It's so hard," said another.

After contorting their bodies to look like these fictional characters, the women compared their poses with the original ones and reflected on how the differences between them made them feel.

"Her spine is a Z and her butt is a bubble, and it’s just not something my body will ever look like," one woman said.

Many of the women echoed the sentiment that these female characters' bodies are impossible to replicate in real life. Some also pointed out how silly it is for these heroes to fight crime and save the world while also being hypersexualized, with one woman adding she'd rather see Spider-Woman in a "strength pose," not a "sex pose."

To further emphasize the video's message, BuzzFeed later Photoshopped the women's bodies to look exactly like the original comic book heroes. As one woman put it, she ended up not even "look[ing] human."

Ultimately, the way women's bodies are portrayed in many comic books is just absurd. "I did my best," one woman said. "I’m not going to get mad at my body for not being able to do impossible things."

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