Watch Your Step... Rainbows Below

So it appears readers of the Huffington Post have been enjoying rainbows of late.

Rainbows are pretty common here in Hawaii and there are many different types of rainbows.
One of the rare views you will get to see of a rainbow, is from above the actual rainbow.
I remember the last time I went skydiving with SkyDive Hawaii, I got to see a rainbow from the sky looking down on it and I thought it was the coolest looking thing.
Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera at the time I jumped and there were no pictures available of the rainbow I did see. So I asked the folks at SkyDive Hawaii to send me a few pictures that they have been taking of the rainbows from above. The pictures in this post are just a few of them.
All of these pictures were taken by either Frank T.K. Hinshaw or Sascha Schindler over the Dillingham Airfield Drop Zone on Oahu.
I myself like this shot below as it show a rainbow surrounding the shadow of the plane!
So whether you are walking down the sidewalk, driving in your car, or jumping out of airplanes, always watch your step when taking pictures of rainbows!
Here is a quick video T.K. Hinshaw put together of recent jumps he has done and there are some pretty cool rainbow shots in it as well: