Watching the Watchman

Under J. Edgar Hoover, the FBI asserted that the mafia didn't exist, enabled Joe McCarthy's witch hunts and worked diligently to discredit and undermine the Civil Rights Movement. Hoover used the FBI as a tool of his politics, prejudices and self-righteous avoidance of any kind of responsibility or accountability.

Now we have James Comey. In his own testimony before Congress, he himself asserted "that the Department (of Justice) had to be perceived as nonpartisan and non-political in order to function effectively."*


Comey seems to have changed his mind about "nonpartisan", explicitly defying precedence, procedures and wiser heads -- twice. He's offended both practice and explicit Justice Department policy. Election season especially requires extra vigilance in maintaining both the fact and the appearance of nonpartisanship. This is the Federal Bureau of Investigation, not prosecution. And where is the mandated presumption of innocence?

Comey's most recent decision is only a whiff away from the odious foolhardiness of declaring oneself "the only one who can make America great again". That's nonsense. Self-righteousness is a plague on politics and antithetical to justice.

Republicans and their media hacks have been attacking Hillary Clinton for a quarter of a century. For an agency of the JUSTICE Department to raise ambiguous questions days before the election is inappropriate and reminds us how important it is that law enforcement agencies NOT be politicized. That is a legal requirement.

Mr Comey owes Ms. Clinton and the American people an apology. His resignation would suffice. If there is probable cause that Mr. Comey has broken the law, an indictment is appropriate. The watchman is not above the law. The watchman must be the model of obedience to the law.