Man Attempts To Pay Water Bill With Cocaine: Cops

lines of cocaine and ten euro...
lines of cocaine and ten euro...

Police in Deltona, Fla., are trying to sniff out the identity of a man who allegedly attempted to pay his water bill with cocaine.

The unidentified man walked into the water department office on Monday and handed a clerk an envelope that contained not a check, but a small amount of white powder.

Officials evacuated employees so hazmat teams from the sheriff's office and two separate fire departments could analyze the powder, the Beacon News Online reported.

The powder was later determined to be cocaine, Gary Davidson, a spokesman for the Volusia County Sheriff’s Dept., told the Dayton Beach News-Journal.

Surveillance cameras show the suspect is a man wearing a T-shirt and shorts who rode away on a bicycle.

“The clerk (at the counter) said she had never seen the man before,” Sheriff’s spokesman Brandon Haught, told the News-Journal. “He didn’t say anything to her, he just handed her the envelope and walked out.”

The investigation is ongoing, according to



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