Water Bucket Cam Is The Soothing New Viral Sensation

The clip of animals drinking has more than 1 million views.

Who knew watching animals drinking water could be so soothing? 

A new clip going viral on YouTube features a camera at the bottom of a bucket in the Texas desert. The footage shows various creatures as they drop by for a sip or a slurp. 

John Wells of the Field Lab ― an “experiment in sustainable living” located in southwest Texas ― said the bees seen early in the video were all rescued. He also wrote on reddit that the longhorn at the end of the video was his pet, Ben. 

The bunny is named George. He was a rescue brought to me when he was pretty tiny,” Wells wrote. “He was released about a week later and is growing fast and is quite happy with the other 50+ wild desert cottontails that live here.”

Wells has posted dozens of videos showing life in the desert; he also writes a blog chronicling his experiences in Terlingua Ranch, about 300 miles west of San Antonio. 




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