Water By the Spoonful ; A Hauntingly Realistic Look At the Interdependent Connections We All Share

Theatre Twenty-Two's latest production Water By the Spoonful is a gripping tale of interconnection, brilliantly woven with exceptional intimate acting on an elevated stage that adds greatly to the production. Although it begins with a somewhat confusing series of diverse scenes, the audience can feel the seven characters slowly coming together as if a spider's web were collapsing into a single reality.
Here is how Theatre Twenty-Two describes Water By the Spoonful:

This Pulitzer Prize winning play weaves together the stories of Iraq war veteran Elliot desperately trying to move forward with his life at home, his cousin Yaz whose love for music has led her from poverty into the faculty of a prestigious university but questions the cost of this, Odessa, the motherly moderator of an online support group for recovering addicts struggling to stay sober, and three other lost souls who make up a fascinating community whose lives intersect in surprising and deeply moving ways. A heartfelt meditation on lives in crisis -- and on the brink of redemption.

This is a story about dealing with samsara (suffering) and allowing others to be of help and service. Putting it on a stage that is elevated along with all an audience on only two rows of elevated seating surrounding the actors creates an edgy and intimate environment to tell this compelling series of stories that eventually become one.

All in all, Water By the Spoonful brings the reality of modern living into a light of hope though brilliant storytelling, riveting acting and exquisite stagecraft. It continues at West of Lenin in Seattle's Fremont Neighborhood through November 14.

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