A Water Conservation Trick You Haven't Heard Before

There's really no reason not to do this.

Most showers don't deliver instant hot water, so it might seem like a necessary evil to waste water for several minutes while everything warms up. Not so, according to one eco-conscious homeowner who appeared on a recent episode of the makeover show "Home Made Simple." 

Appearing alongside the show's host, Jeremiah Brent, the homeowner shares her simple trick for conserving shower water without having to step into a freezing cold shower.

"It's really easy," she says. "We keep this bucket in our shower. While the water's warming up, we let the water run into this bucket instead of down the drain."

Simple, indeed, and a great way to reuse water for gardening. This particular homeowner, for example, says she uses the shower water on her fruit trees and other vegetables in the backyard.

Of course, depending how long it takes your shower to warm up, that bucket could get pretty heavy. Jeremiah's got a solution for that too -- in the above clip, he demonstrates how you can use a piece of an old hose to make the bucket easier to carry. And, now, there's really no excuse not to conserve.

"Home Made Simple" airs Saturdays at 9 a.m. ET on OWN.

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