Water Droplets Images Captured In High Speed Photography By Jim Kramer (PHOTOS)

Incredible Water Droplets Captured In High Speed Photography

Jim Kramer may be an amateur photographer, but you'd never know it after seeing his amazing water droplets photos.

With food coloring, water, and dishwater soap to help thickening the water, a drop of liquid explodes into a multicolored splash in these incredible pictures taken at a ten thousandth of a second exposure.

Using a timer to track the path of falling drops, a flash is set off at the exact split second of impact and captures the shot.

What attracted Kramer to high speed photography? The variety of shots he can achieve.

"The water always behaves differently. That's what keeps things interesting," Kramer said. "Like snowflakes, no two are ever the same.".

Other notable photographers shooting in this realm include Divino Codino and Corrie White.

Check out a selection of Jim Kramer's water droplet photographs below.

Purple Perfection

Water Droplets

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