Flavored Waters: How To Make A Better Soft-Drink Alternative

Something must be in the water because it seems everyone is talking about flavored waters -- and we don't mean the ones you buy. People are starting to realize that the sugar- or artificial sugar-laden, artificially flavored, so-called healthy water drinks that every beverage company is trying to force down our throats are no different than other soft drinks. Instead of paying up for those manufactured waters that promise everything but don't deliver much more than a sugar rush, why not just drink regular water with a bit of flavor? It's so easy to make flavored waters with some fresh ingredients from the market. We'll show you how.

Berries, slices of fresh fruit, herbs and even some vegetables can be used to reinvent your standard tap or spring water. It's just a matter of tossing those items into a jug of iced water (or if you prefer you could buy one of these fruit infusion jugs that keeps the fruit separated from the water). Whether you're simply looking for a way to cut down on your consumption of sugary drinks or are one of those individuals who dislikes the taste of water, then flavoring your own will especially appeal to you. Avoid those unhealthy drinks and flavor your own water for a change of pace. In the slideshow below, see all the refreshing ideas we've rounded up from around the web.

Flavored Waters