Water Jobs, Water Health, Water Security, Water Food: Water and You

Water Jobs, Water Health, Water Security, Water Food: Water and You
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#WorldWaterDay boosts urgent global awareness of this expensive resource. This is a huge, complex, intractable issue that actually has several surprisingly simple fixes for most people to accomplish.

It's easy to take Water for granted--easy, that is, until you have too much of it, not enough; or when your water supply is dangerous to use. Then, it's a problem.

The United Nations estimates that 650 million people worldwide currently have no access to safe water. Put another way, one-tenth of the world's population is not only thirsty, they're at at risk of infectious diseases and premature death. The UN further estimates that "waterborne diseases are responsible for the deaths of 900 children under the age of five every day."

The 23rd World Water Day is observed on Tuesday, organized by the UN with a fresh report on Water and Jobs; and supported by global partners like Unilever and Colgate actively calling attention to the pervasive need for clean water, and creating solutions to alleviate these problems.

Unilever's Global Brand Director Barbara Scala decided to take action. Working with Sunlight and NextDrop, she's helped unlock another precious commodity--women's time--with a simple yet life-changing solution: text messages.

Pick one of these 5 favorite impactful Water Actions from the hundreds available on WeSpire's Behavioral Project Library:

  • Upgrade an older faucet or shower head
  • Set a water savings goal for the office
  • Water plants during the coolest part of the day
  • Skip meat for one meal this week
  • Choose organic cotton when possible

Please do tell: What can you do, easily and promptly, to raise your H2O awareness--and with friends and family--at home, work, and when you're out and on the road?

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