Water on Mars Gives Hope of Escape Route If Trump Ends Up Winning This Thing

Monday was a landmark day in NASA's history, as they discovered flowing water on the planet Mars.

Over the past few years, funding for NASA has been a subject of controversy, as several opponents of the program have questioned its usefulness. On Monday, the haters were silenced, as the discovery of water on the planet Mars has provided a potential safe alternative to a Donald Trump run America.

Sure, there's a big risk to sending human beings to a planet filled with carbon monoxide. But it might be worth it to avoid a country run by a guy who has declared for bankruptcy four times, thinks vaccines cause autism, and somehow has orange eyes.

Donald Trump hasn't won 2016 yet. But there's a chance he will, and that's reason enough to leave the planet earth.

In my humble opinion, we should just go ahead and start sending people now, just incase. And I volunteer to be the first person on Mars, because I'm pretty sure that'll guarantee Neil deGrasse Tyson will tweet at me.