Belgian Water Tower Transformed Into A Beautiful High-Tech Home (VIDEO)

Find out what this former water house from 1938 looks like now.

We recently covered a home in Germany that was formerly a water tower. It turns out our run-ins with these surprising structures were just getting started, since we've come across a similar transformation in Belgium. Built in 1938, this colossal casa has been used for quite a number of purposes (including a Nazi watchtower and a water tower). But those days are long gone -- it's now a beautiful residence.

Aside from the large glass window panes and the ultra-chic interior design (the staircase alone made our hearts skip a beat), what makes this home unique is its high-tech features, such as movable projectors and an advanced domotics system. According to Bham, the structure's designer, the couple rents out the space for two days every month, when "high profile companies meet with their top clients."

Since it is fully equipped with the latest technology, the house also comes with an elevator (a nice feature when your home has six floors). But the structure's biggest draw is undoubtedly its terrace, where residents enjoy an extraordinary 360 degree panoramic view of its surrounding homes and an airport.

Be sure to watch the video for a more in-depth look at this very unique space. And for more photos of the Belgian home, head on over to Bham Design Studio's website.

Also, be sure to click through our slideshow to see images of another water house property in Germany.

Water Tower Home

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