#WatermelonBoy Tries To Eat A Whole Watermelon, Becomes A Global Sensation

Mmmmmm.... watermelon rind.

Competitive eating may be getting a pint-sized new challenger.

Ten-year-old Mitchell Schibeci achieved worldwide fame on Saturday by snacking on a watermelon at a cricket match in Australia.

It wasn't just a slice of watermelon... but almost the whole thing. As this video shows, Mitchell munched on the entire fruit, rind and all:

Schibeci, who is the son of Australian sports reporter and broadcaster Tony Schibeci, admits he was hoping to get some attention.

“I saw people do crazy things, like that mullet boy who got on television, so I thought I might try it too,” he told Channel Seven News.

It worked, too, as the #WatermelonBoy hashtag lit up social media and got him coverage around the world, from ABC in Australia to the BBC in Britain to the website of People magazine in the United States.

"I'm not really a hero, I'm just a normal average kid," Schibeci told the BBC.

His proud papa crowed about Mitchell's newfound fame on Twitter:

It seems, however, that Mitchell's watermelon-eating fame came with a price. The boy said he had to go to the bathroom "like seven times," according to Sporting News Australia.

Still, at the end of the day, Mitchell took what was left of his prize watermelon to bed. Here, see him snuggling up to the half-eaten fruit:

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