Rubber Bands Make Watermelon Explode -- From 'Slow Mo Guys' (VIDEO)

When you tire of pondering the nature of the universe, ask yourself how many rubber bands it takes to make a watermelon explode. Then ask how much you want to see it happen in super slow motion.

Two English gents who call themselves "The Slow Mo Guys" (h/t Daily Mail) wrapped as many rubber bands as they could around a watermelon until it went kerplooey.

Good thing Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy had time on their hands (guys like this often do) because it took them about 500 rubber bands in 20 minutes before the combined pressure created the visual dramatics. And they condensed it all for you.

The two wrote that they captured the whole mess with a Phantom Flex camera that can shoot 1,600 frames per second. They're called the Slow Mo Guys, remember?

A previous segment featured Gruchy chewing on three biscuits he stuffed in his mouth, then spitting them out at 1,000 frames a second. Lovely.



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