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Dried Watermelon Recipe Makes Summer Last Forever

Never leave home without your watermelon.

We all understand the greatness of watermelon. It's not because you can make a keg out of this fruit. And it has nothing to do with how awesome vodka watermelons are -- though we definitely do love this thing. Watermelon is great all on its own, just as it is.

Watermelon strongly contributes to our love of summer. We're pretty certain that if this fruit were in season all year round, winter wouldn't be as hard to get through. And thanks to watermelon jerky, we can now enjoy the fresh flavors of summer even during the coldest of months.

We know that eating dried fruit is never as good as the real thing. But dried watermelon is a real solution to our watermelon withdrawal those nine long months of the year that aren't summer. Also, watermelon jerky means you can have a slice of watermelon in your back pocket at all times for whenever that inevitable craving should strike. It's got your back.

All you need to make watermelon jerky is a dehydrator (or a friend with one) and a lot of time. (An oven turned down really low should work just fine too.) Get the watermelon jerky recipe at Instructables, and never be without watermelon again.

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