Watermelon Kegs For Outdoor Drinking

Who needs a pitcher when you can serve drinks in one of these?

Summer isn't complete unless you've had at least one gathering with a watermelon keg. A combination of two of our favorite things -- watermelon and drinking -- the watermelon keg is nothing short of a revelation. Similiar in concept to the boozy watermelon (which we hope you also partook in this summer), the watermelon keg lets you serve your favorite cocktail and automatically gives it a watermelon twist.

The only downfall to the watermelon keg is making it. It's a lot like carving a pumpkin, only you have to be extra careful when drilling a whole for the spout because watermelons can crack. And once it cracks, it can no longer be trusted to hold your cocktails. But the plus side to making a watermelon keg is that it gives you the perfect excuse to eat a lot of watermelon as you empty it out.

If you're feeling up for the challenge, let blogger Gina Zammit of Where The Brooklyn At walk you through the delicate process of making a watermelon keg.

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