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Watermelon, This Is A Love Letter (PHOTOS)

We're moving past love and way into obsession here.

To say that we're in love with watermelon this summer would be a serious understatement. We are way beyond adoration, moving straight into complete and total obsession. (This eight-months pregnant editor has taken to eating a quarter of watermelon every single day -- seriously -- for three months straight now. It's the best tasting addiction there ever was.)

And what's not to love about watermelon? It's perfectly sweet, always. It's incredibly refreshing on the hottest of days. It lets you satisfy the need to eat and drink all in one bite -- so efficient. And it comes in the most beautiful shades of pink. Eating cold watermelon on a hot day is exactly what we hope heaven feels like, just downright magical.

It's for all these reasons, and so many more we can't even begin to explain, that we are absolutely, positively head over heels with this giant melon. So naturally we did what any rosy-eyed person would do, we wrote watermelon a love letter.

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Watermelon Love Letter