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These Crazy Sculptures Will Change The Way You Look At Watermelon Forever

Someone just raised the bar on watermelon carving.

One of our favorite parts of summer is the abundance of watermelon. We'll eat watermelon on its own, in a salad or in cold soup. We'll make cocktails and popsicles with watermelon, and we'll even make watermelon cake and watermelon jerky. So maybe we're a little watermelon crazy here -- we're guilty as charged. But we never would have thought to make (or had the skills to do so) sculptures like this out of watermelon:

alligator watermelon

While we've seen watermelon cut up and sculpted into fancy shapes before, we've never seen it like this. Artist Clive Cooper decided to approach watermelon like you would a pumpkin, carving faces and animals that range from funny to grotesque.

Some of them are a little freaky, some of them less so, but one thing they all have in common is their incredible intricacy. These sculptures are so impressive they have definitely just raised the bar for watermelon carving. The craftsmanship and creativity is extraordinary as Cooper uses both the watermelon rind and flesh to produce incredibly striking sculptures. And now we will never look at another watermelon the same.

Take a look at some of Cooper's masterpieces, and go to Sparksfly Design to see more.

"Clive's frog-like, google eyed, watermelon character created May 26th, 2014."
"Clive's wizened coal miner carving."
"Great White Shark Watermelon Carving by Clive Cooper. 'JAWS ...The Watermelon Version.' It would make Steven Spielberg proud!"
"Clive's version of a Norse Viking. Carved June 12, 2012."
"Clive's rather comical 'old melon head' character watermelon carving."
"Here's one for the kids. Baby seal watermelon carving."
"Watermelon carving entitled 'Sun Damage.'"
"Anime Warrior, created April 15, 2014."
"Clive's extreme, scary watermelon carving of a cyborg skull."

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