Waterproof Bags, Backpacks And Totes To Protect Your Laptop

Rain or shine, these water-resistant bags are perfect for keeping all your tech safe and dry on your commute.
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Whether your daily commute consists of heading to school or to the office, one thing can be expected: rain. Anyone who travels without the benefit of a vehicle will want to protect their laptop and tech from a downpour.

A water-resistant bag, capable of safely toting around all your everyday essentials (while also keeping you organized in the process), can you be your newest ally in fall, winter and on into spring.

In the list below, you can find gadget-friendly backpacks, messenger bags, totes, cross-bodies and more, each constructed of innovative fabrics that can actually withstand the elements.

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A Dagne Dover neoprene backpack
Dagne Dover's large capacity Dakota backpack is constructed of premium and recycled neoprene, a high-tech fabric that is washable, water-resistant and insulating. It comes with an exterior zip compartment for your laptop as well as a slip pocket on the inside for holding a tablet, notebooks and more. It comes in a small size ($145) and medium ($185) in addition to the large.
A lightweight convertible weekender bag with laptop pouch
This delightfully squishy and water-resistant weekender bag has a convertible strap for carrying versatility and features a roomy interior with several organizational compartments, including a designated padded laptop sleeve that can hold devices up to 13 inches. There's even an interior power bank pocket and an internal water bottle sleeve.
A spacious everywhere bag with zippered laptop compartment
Away, the buzzy travel brand known for its smart suitcase designs, also makes this "everywhere bag" which has a detachable padded shoulder strap and a padded 15-inch laptop pocket separate from the main compartment. The bag is made with a water-resistant material.
A completely waterproof roll-down rucksack
This roll-down buckling rucksack is by Rains, the Scandinavian rainwear brand that specializes in sleek and completely waterproof designs ideal for commuting. It features an internal padded laptop pocket, front zip pocket and padded back panel, as well as a buckle-fastening chest strap that's ideal for bicyclists.
A simple profile crossbody laptop bag
This adjustable crossbody, also by Rains, is cut from from the brands' signature waterproof PU-coated fabric and is completely lined for greater water-resistant protection. It also has two exterior flap pockets and an interior padded laptop pocket that can fit laptops up to 16 inches.
A large capacity backpack made of a unique water-resistant fabric
Constructed of Filmpor, a patented ultra-durable and water-resistant material, this spacious backpack has enough internal and external compartments to safely tote all your electronic gadgets while also keeping smaller items organized and easily accessible. There are also three separate laptop sleeves, the largest of which can house a 15.6-inch laptop or tablet.
A multi-compartment transit bag
This chic and elegantly designed transit backpack is great for college, commuting to work or travel and features an exterior side-entry laptop pocket for easy TSA access. The flap-top has its own spacious zippered compartment for frequently grabbed items and the main interior compartment has slip pockets and water bottle holders. The fabric is treated with a water-resistant finish and is available in six different colors like baby blue, olive and charcoal.
A sleek clamshell-style bag
This multi-purpose commuter bag by the Japanese-concept brand Monos is made of a water-resistant nylon twill and contains thoughtfully designed organizational pockets, such as the external 15-inch laptop sleeve that allows easy access without needing to open the whole bag. There's also a built-in trolley sleeve so you can easily slide this over your suitcase handle at the airport.
A multi-wearing padded laptop tote
This carry-all bag from The North Face can be worn as a backpack or a tote, is made of water-repellent fabric and can stand up unsupported. Available in eight color combinations, this top-loading day pack has several organizational pockets, including a padded interior laptop sleeve.
A moisture-wicking padded laptop bag
With a capacity to hold a 15-inch laptop, this top-carrying backpack by the trendy Swedish brand Fjällräven features a protective padded and removable bottom, external organizational pockets and a moisture-wicking and water-resistant fabric that can keep contents dry. You can find this in several color choices as well.
An expandable and organizational messenger bag
This adjustable briefcase-style messenger bag is made of waterproof polyester fabric and is designed to securely transport all of your tech, from cables to external drives, tablets, laptops and mouses. The 15-inch independent laptop pocket has a protective layer made of pearl cotton and five separate internal compartments keep everything organized.
An anti-theft backpack with USB charging port
Made with hidden pockets and zippers, this anti-theft backpack made with waterproof material is also comfortable to wear thanks to the balanced design that decreases spinal pressure. It also has two separate padded pockets for laptops and tablets as well as a built-in USB charging port so you can charge your devices on the go.

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