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Waterproof Makeup And Hair Tricks That'll Make You A Rainy Day Beauty (PHOTOS)

There's nothing quite as depressing as heading into the office on a gorgeous summer day, only to look outside a few hours after lunch to see dark skies and bullet-like rain. And what's even sadder is when you're forced to find a way through this afternoon thunderstorm sans umbrella while wearing a fresh blow-out, false eyelashes and high-heeled sandals. But let's face it, no matter how prepared we women think we are, Mother Nature always finds a way to test our best waterproof makeup (raccoon eyes, anyone?) and ponytail holders.

Anticipating August's unpredictable weather changes, we asked three professionals to give us their top tips on how to look good on a rainy day. Click through the slideshow below to find out what beauty product you should always keep in your makeup bag, the five-minute hair fix you can do in the ladies bathroom and why moisture is actually a good thing.

Meanwhile, head over to FabSugar for more wet-weather fashion picks.

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