Waterproof and Water-Resistant Sneakers For Men And Women

These shoes from brands like Allbirds and Thousand Fell have glowing reviews from people who’ve worn them in the rain or in wet environments.
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There’s nothing worse than going for a jog or a walk while it’s raining and enduring soaking wet socks and waterlogged feet. Luckily for you, water-resistant and waterproof sneakers do exist, and they make appealing options for those of us who spend a lot of time outdoors (or in damp situations).

But what’s the difference between a shoe that’s water-repellant and fully waterproof? Well, the difference lies in the specific construction. A water-repellant shoe typically has an outer coating that prevents water from penetrating. A waterproof shoe is made with a special fabric that has multiple layers to keep water from seeping through to your feet.

Water-repellant shoes are often coated with a natural quartz barrier to keep them stain- and water-resistant. Waterproof shoes are often made with Gore-Tex, a fabric that still allows them to be breathable (i.e., not sweaty while keeping your feet dry).

Below, we rounded up 6 water-friendly shoes that have glowing reviews from people who’ve worn them in the rain or wet environments.

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Thousand Fell lace-up shoe
All of Thousand Fell's shoes are water-resistant, stain-proof and odor-resistant, making them the ideal essential shoe to have in your closet. They're made from recycled bottles, natural rubber and innovative food waste like coconut husk and sugar cane. The interior mesh liner is coated with aloe vera, which wicks away heat, keeping your feet cool, and the breathable padding is made of castor beans. These shoes come in multiple vibrant colors including orange, green, purple, pink and blue, and in women's sizes 5-10 and men's sizes 8-13.

Promising review: "Hooked for life as long as I’m wearing white sneakers. Actually full on stepped in a mud puddle post rain storm, everything rinsed off as if it never happened. It was awesome." — Kristin K.
Allbirds wool runner Mizzles
Made with comfy water-repellant exterior Merino wool, these Allbirds shoes are suitable for walking on gray, rainy days. The water-repellant coating keeps them from getting soaking wet. They come in a variety of colors, including dark gray, light gray, black, pink and blue. Men's sizes are 8-14 and women's sizes are 5-11.

Promising review: "I was worried these would be too warm here in New Orleans, but we get so much rain that I needed the water resistant model. Turns out even this "warm" version is still more breathable than regular tennis shoes." — Nicholas S.
On Cloud 5 waterproof shoes
If you like jogging on cloudy, darker days, then you'll find this pair of shoes helpful: They're built with reflective elements that make them more visible in low-light environments. The shoe has a breathable waterproof membrane so you can walk, run or jog in rainy conditions without your feet sweating or getting wet. Color options include green, cocoa, white and black. Women's sizes are 5-11 and men's are 7-14.

Promising review: "Fit and size was just what I ordered. Super easy to wear. Wore them for a few constantly rainy days in NYC and I couldn’t believe how incredible they were! They never felt damp and they still look nice and clean. I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing they were in the rain. Also, I like that they look good with jeans, leggings, even pants. Would call them “vacation fashionable.” Will wear on rainy days at home and always take with me on vacation." — Laura
Men's New Balance 574 Rugged GTX
Your feet will be ultra comfy in this pair of shoes with lightweight foam cushioning in the midsole. The outer is breathable Gore-Tex material to keep your feet protected from water, wing and rain. Keep in mind this shoe only comes in men's sizing (7-15). Color options include orange and black.

Promising review: "Love this shoe, more like a boot in how sturdy they feel. The waterproofing rocks. I have pronation issues and this shoe holds my foot straight with no pain. I got the white/grey ones which get very dirty gardening but I can brush/wash them off and they still look great. I've worn 574's for years and these are the best ones yet. They feel so light yet so strong. I bought the last pair in my size and I'm so glad I was able to get them! All in all wonderful shoes." — Steven1111
New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v6 GTX
Shoes made with Gore-tex are perfect for outdoor activities. This pair of New Balances also has a foam midsole for added cushioning and support and reflective elements so they can be seen in low lighting. These shoes come in women's sizes 5-12 and men's sizes 7-15.

Promising review: "This is my 2nd review (the 1st was on a day when it was not raining. It was raining today, and I wore them to walk to work. I am wearing a 10 Wide, and they are VERY comfortable! Since they are made of Gore Tex and it is a rubbery and flexible material, maybe that is why - because they bend with the foot. They kept my foot completely dry while walking in the rain. They were excellent for walking on the uneven brick sidewalks at some spots, so I can see why hikers like them for uneven terrain, and why they are classified as trail sneakers. I love the colors too!" — Tara T
Vessi Everyday Move shoe
These shoes are 100% waterproof thanks to the special construction of the knitted uppers, which contain pores that are so small that water can't get through. But if you're worried about your feet getting too warm and clammy, fear not. The knit is still breathable so you can move without your feet nestling in sweat. Made for every activity (including just everyday walking), these shoes have an ultra-comfortable, supportive midsole so you feel like you're walking on clouds. The shoe comes in women's sizes 5-11 and men's sizes 6-14. Color options include black, white, gray, blue and green.

Promising review: "I'm a dog groomer and I'm on my feet all day. I wanted to find shoes that were waterproof and comfortable and these are it! No more wet sore feet at the end of the day! And I can easily rinse off hair or anything else that gets on them during the day with no worries that it will leak through to my feet. They are definitely worth the price and I will be buying another pair to wear in my leisure time because I love them that much." — Ashley J.
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