British Bookstore Expertly Sells 'Fire And Fury' Using Trump's Own Words

Genius. Very stable genius, even.

The British bookstore chain Waterstones is quoting a very relevant critic to sell copies of Michael Wolff’s bombshell book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

Reuters editor Robin Pomeroy posted this photo Wednesday on Twitter. It’s a Waterstones display featuring President Donald Trump’s own thoughts on the book. “Full of lies,” the signage says.

The store quotes a tweet Trump sent on Jan. 4, just a day before Fire and Fury hit stores. In fact, the book’s publisher, Henry Holt & Co., moved up the release date after Trump’s lawyers sent them a cease-and-desist letter attempting to stop its publication.

A little reverse psychology on the part of Waterstones, perhaps?

A poll from February 2017 showed that 56 percent of the British public thinks of Trump as “untrustworthy.”  If Trump thinks this book is “full of lies,” then maybe our friends across the pond ― 56 percent of them, anyway ― will respond to the book with an open mind. 

Well played, Waterstones.