Wave Goodbye To That 'Grease' Fan Theory

Summer dreams ripped at the seams.
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Summer loving, had me a blast. Unfortunately, it couldn’t last.

The “Grease” creator has finally weighed in on that fan theory going around the internet, and, no, Sandy wasn’t dead. Now our summer dreams have been ripped at the seams.

That seems like a morbid thing to be bummed about, so let us explain.

There’s an old “Grease” fan theory that Sandy was secretly dead the whole time, à la Bruce Willis in “The Sixth Sense.” It sounds ridiculous, and it obviously is, but the evidence seemed solid.

In the song “Summer Nights,” Danny sings about Sandy nearly drowning. The theory says that Sandy did drown, the movie is a fantasy in her head, and the car flying at the end of the movie is her finally going to heaven.

Thanks to social media and Sarah Michelle Gellar’s support, the theory has had a resurgence online. However, the “Grease” creator, Jim Jacobs, just shot it down faster than greased lightning.

Jacobs, who wrote the original book and musical with Warren Casey, reportedly told TMZ that whoever came up with the theory must be on “acid.”

(Nah, dude, it was just Reddit.)

The creator said there are differences between the musical and the movie (such as the flying car), but Sandy is definitely alive.

So the twist is that the theory was dead the whole time, not Sandy. Unless, Olivia Newton-John or John Travolta want to weigh in with their thoughts ...

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