This Former Pro Surfer Is Working To Bring The World Clean Water (VIDEO)

"Do what you love and help along the way."

That's the message of Waves For Water, a nonprofit organization that emerged from the surfing community. The group works to provide clean water in impoverished areas and enlists volunteer "Clean Water Couriers" to pack portable water filters in their luggage when they travel to the developing world.

In the video above, Waves For Water founder Jon Rose explains the extent of the world water crisis and its effect on children. A former professional surfer, Rose first looked for a way to return to areas he'd fallen in love with. But he soon discovered something bigger.

The video is the third in a series of environmental episodes for "dose.," a weekly web series on action sports site Network A.

"I started to understand the clean water cause and how preventable all this stuff is and it become an obsession," he tells host Tim Brodhagen. "It wasn't gonna be a pet project, it was my life path."

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