Waving Goodbye to Bill Kristol, Colin Powell "Might" Endorse Obama

Politico's Mike Allen and others think that Colin Powell "may" endorse Barack Obama this weekend on Meet the Press.

Note the word "may." I agree with Mike Allen that Powell may take this action -- or may endorse John McCain.

I queried General Powell on his intentions and on another matter. He responded to me on the other matter that I can't discuss and stayed mum on the primary reason for my note.

I responded back to ask him if he might make sure to include me in the first tranche of those he lets know about his intentions. His response: "Thanks Steve."

So, I have no idea what General Powell might do with regard to his Meet the Press appearance on Sunday -- but I know that he's pondering something big. Otherwise, he would have discounted the news of his potential endorsement.

Interestingly, I think Colin Powell has maintained a very dignified stance between the Obama and McCain camps -- meeting with both sides and offering both his counsel.

And then a weird thing: Bill Kristol, in my view, tried to "export" Powell to the Obama camp saying that Powell would not only endorse Obama but would probably speak at the Democratic National Convention. In my opinion, Kristol was trying to purge the realists from the McCain camp -- particularly Powell protege and long term aide, Richard Armitage.

Kristol did not succeed in pushing Powell out -- and General Powell did not speak at the Denver convention of the Democratic Party -- but like Mike Allen lays out, General Powell may be on the verge of announcing his own conscientious choice, made under his own steam weighing the merits of the two campaigns and expressing what he feels the nation needs now.

I am very much looking forward to Colin Powell's thoughtful assessment of America's national security and economic portfolios and our leadership choices Sunday morning.

-- Steve Clemons publishes the popular political blog, The Washington Note