Wavy Bob Hairstyles: How To Rock This Summer's 'It' Cut

How To Rock This Summer's 'It' Cut
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It was only just a few months ago that we were discussing the lob haircut takeover. Women were chopping off their locks in favor of the shoulder-skimming style. But there's an even shorter look that is poised to take over this summer.

The wob, also known as the wavy bob, has been cropping up on celebrities, including Sienna Miller, Julianne Hough, Anne Hathaway and Lauren Conrad. Not too short and not too long, the wob is perfect for those hot-weather months when the last thing you want is sweaty hair sticking to your neck.

It is a true wash-and-wear style that uses your own natural texture, according to Keratin Complex International Creative Team Member Abraham Sprinkle. "Basically, it's like the little black dress of hairstyles. It can be dressed up with products or worn casual," he told The Huffington Post.

Celebrity hairstylist Marc Mena believes you can maintain an effortless, yet stylized wavy bob with just two key hair products. "Dry shampoo helps extend the look for a few days, while texturizing spray helps create that tousled look."

Sprinkle also believes you can extend your wavy bob by wearing hair up at night (to prevent fussing with it), sleeping on a satin pillowcase (to avoid friction which dries the hair out) and using less heat tools (making the hair healthier).

Once your hairdresser has tailored the wob to your face shape -- choosing layers depending on which features you'd like to showcase -- you'll want to commit to memory Mena's pro tips for styling this haircut.

If you have straight/fine hair... This hair texture doesn't have natural waves, so you have to put curl into it. Use a curling iron, clipless wand or hot rollers. There's plenty of different ways to curl, so find whatever tool you're comfortable working with to achieve the desired look.

sienna miller

If you have thick/wavy hair... To enhance the curl, take a curling iron and follow the wave while curling. The bigger the barrel, the looser the curls and the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curls.

freida pinto

If you have coarse/curly hair... Play up curls but give it a more polished look. You can also use a flat iron to partially straighten and curl your the hair at the same time.

carmen ejogo

Check out the slideshow below for more wavy bob hairstyle inspiration and product recommendations:

Lauren Conrad

WOB: Wavy Bob Hairstyles

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