WaXed Episode 11 -- Gerry Lopez

WaXed is a surf talk radio show hosted by Cyrus Saatsaz and former professional surfer Omar Etcheverry that airs Saturday mornings from 11 AM -- Noon on ESPN 1700 in Southern California.

This week's episode features an exclusive interview with surfing legend Gerry Lopez, who joined the show to talk about how surfing has changed from his days when he owned Pipeline to now; why he moved to Oregon; whether his passion for snowboarding is the same as surfing; why his surfboards are considered to be the best in surfing; and starring in a new Patagonia documentary. We also recap an exciting week in surfing news, including the decision by organizers of the Quiksilver Ceremonial Chile to cancel the event at the last minute after sending an invite to all the competitors; fake shark warning signs posted at Santa Cruz that fooled a lot of surfers; a decision by the city of Long Beach to divide the beach between surfers and swimmers; teen star Cody Simpson starring in a new surf video;Gotcha founder Michael Elliot Tomson arrested for a DUI and possession of cocaine; and Mr. Zogs Sexwax winning a lawsuit to protect the name of the company.