WaXed Episode 9 -- Taylor Knox

WaXed is a surf talk radio show hosted by Cyrus Saatsaz and former professional surfer Omar Etcheverry that airs Saturday mornings from 11 AM -- Noon on ESPN 1700 in Southern California. This week's episode features an exclusive interview with professional surfer Taylor Knox who joined the show to talk about retiring from the ASP World Tour after an amazing 20 year career, mentoring younger surfers, dating former professional snowboarder Tara Dakides, and his relationship with the greatest surfer ever Kelly Slater. We also recap an exciting week in surfing news, including the box office results of the new surf movie Drift starring Sam Worthington, a new TV show about gay surfers, a photo Tracks Magazine published, and how the owner of an artificial reef company has gone into hiding after he owed creditors millions of dollars and his product didn't create good waves.