10 Space-Saving Pieces From Wayfair That Are Legitimately Brilliant

Hidden storage, expandable furniture and more versatile pieces perfect for small spaces.
A wooden folding desk, an elegant nightstand dresser and a geometric storage bookshelf from Wayfair.

If you live in a small space, you know: Maximizing every inch you can is truly the name of the game.

Luckily, Wayfair has got small space furnishing down pat, with efficient, versatile pieces that create storage out of thin air while adding style and understated elegance to your home decor. We’ve rounded up some of the best pieces Wayfair has to make life easier for living in tight spaces below. Plus, these space-optimizing picks are surprisingly versatile, so your home can seamlessly adapt to whatever the day brings — the mark of a truly thoughtful home that works with you, not against you.

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An elegant, understated nightstand and dresser (67% off list price)
I am entranced by this beautiful yet understated "Her Majesty" dresser nightstand, and not just because I'm completely unable to tear myself away from Netflix's "The Crown."

This pretty piece offers plenty of storage, with an open cubby for keeping your most-used items a quick grab away, a spacious tabletop for extra space for essentials and two drawers. Its ample storage means you can use this as a nightstand, a compact dresser or an extra table in your living room. Its chic decorative molding and ring pulls provide extra personality that make this a particularly special piece.

It's available in six colors and measures 24 high, 29.7 inches wide and 15.8 inches deep.

Promising review: "Super high-quality piece of furniture… It fits perfectly and looks amazing in this bedroom… Absolutely love this piece" — Megan
A sophisticated wooden folding desk or accent table
This smart piece combines the best of classic home design with the versatility required of modern furniture. Its nineteenth century-inspired look adds elegance to your space while serving just about any function you'd like: office writing desk, foyer or hallway accent table or nightstand. It'd also make a chic addition to a bedroom or guest room.

Because it folds up, you can easily tuck it away when you need some extra space. It comes with a storage drawer so you can keep your necessities close, and you can put tchotchkes or special items like picture fames on its top lid.

Another perk? It comes pre-assembled. It's available in four colors and measures 34.25 inches high, 30 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

Promising review: "Great desk and exactly what I need- great quality, no set up, stylish, decent surface size, and portable by easily folding up, so I can work from any room in the house!" — Allyson
A unique geometric storage bookshelf (34% off list price)
This book tree is not just a statement piece, but it's legitimately designed to maximize small spaces. Its angled branches allow it to store more books in less space, fitting easily into corners, side walls and tight corridors. It features a sturdy base that doubles as a bottom drawer for even more storage space.

An added bonus? I've found that bookcases of this style actually encourage me to read more, since the unique style lends to easy stacking of titles and consistently attracts the eye.

It's available in four colors and two sizes. It measures 58.7 inches high at its tallest point, 14.96 inches wide and 8.17 inches deep. Note: Reviewers recommend anchoring this piece to the wall.

Promising review: "What an awesome book case as the perfect space filler for the corner of our living area. It’s beautiful and wasn’t too hard to assemble. Also it was a terrific price." — Ruth
A slim, good looking storage cart for optimizing tight spaces
This efficient four-tier rolling utility cart can fit into the most narrow of spaces in your home, including between your washer and dryer and next to your bathroom sink or bed. You can even use it as makeshift pantry storage in the kitchen. Load it with laundry and cleaning supplies, extra toiletries, snacks, bedside must-haves and anything else you want to keep easily on hand.

It sports raised sides to keep your items secure, sturdy yet breathable mesh baskets and handy side handles for easy transport. Plus, it's surprisingly chic thanks to its wooden top and understated design. Its castor wheels make it easy to move around as needed.

It's available in two colors and measures 32.3 inches high, 17.2 inches long and 7.6 inches wide.

Promising review:"Fits in the small space and holds more than I thought it would. Easy to move around as needed, Holding extra spices, paper towels and napkins." — Julia
A handy seven-tier shoe rack with room for 14 pairs of shoes
If you don't have dedicated storage for your shoes yet, you should consider it: You'd be surprised at how much space a pile of sneakers, boots and dress shoes can take up in an already-small entry area.

This shoe rack has earned its spot as a Wayfair reviewer-favorite thanks to its sturdiness, compact design and top storage area that you can leave mail, keys, small bags and other front-door necessities on. Plus, the rack features shelves of different heights to accommodate all different styles of shoes, from tall boots and heels to flats, sneakers, loafers and slippers.

It's available in three colors and measures 45.07 inches high, 18 inches wide and 11.02 inches deep.

Promising review: "Absolutely the best shoe rack I’ve ever found!! Fits perfectly where I want it and was very easy to assemble. Holds more shoes depending on how you arrange them. Very fast delivery ! Love it !" — Gail
Practical yet stylish over-the-toilet shelving
Tight spaces require creative solutions to save room and add areas for storage. This is especially true for bathrooms, where it's helpful (and arguably crucial) to keep intimate essentials at arm's reach, like extra toilet paper, towels, wipes, soap and other personal care items.

That's why this over the toilet storage piece is something of a no-brainer, creating three extra tiers of storage out of an otherwise unused space. Plus, its sturdy design will keep your must-haves not just close, but secure.

It measures 66 inches high, 27 inches wide and 9 inches deep.

Promising review: "This is a beautiful piece. Perfect for my half bath with a pedestal sink and zero storage!" — Diane
A rolling bar cart with ample storage space
Keep all your goods in one spot with this handy bar cart that sports a built-in rack for wine bottles, smart storage for wine glasses and tiers of room to keep snacks, books and knickknacks close by. You can also use it to store non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling juice, soda or bottled water — or even utilize it for housing espresso cups and your favorite. coffee machine. It'd also make a handy side table for your couch or armchairs, too.

It measures 39.25 inches high, 18 inches wide and 11.75 inches deep.

Promising review: "I love this! Fits perfect in my space and has everything you need on it." — Anonymous
An extendable dining table with creative storage underneath
This versatile piece is a smart addition to tight spaces. Its handsome tabletop features two drop "leaves" that you can utilize whenever you need extra space for work or when you have company. Underneath, the table includes two tiers of efficient storage space, with one of the shelves doubling as a cool wine glass rack.

It's available in two colors and measures 36 inches tall and 40x40 when fully extended.

Promising reviews: "This table was the perfect choice, good quality and look, and just what we were looking for. The folding part of the table is super convenient!" — Mariano

"Perfect addition for a small space." — Paul
An innovative bedside table or vanity with charging capabilities (and a surprising amount of storage) (19% off list price)
Designed specifically for small rooms, this bedside table cum vanity cum office desk knocks it out of the park. It features a truly impressive amount of storage, with hidden shelves behind its glass cabinet doors, three deep base drawers and even more storage underneath its built-in mirror (which you can open for use as a vanity and close for extra table space as a desk or nightstand).

It can also charge your devices with two built-in outlets — and let me tell you, if you don't own a piece with charging capability, it is game-changingly convenient. This also includes an adjustable, dimmable light strip above the mirror and a built-in stool. Color me impressed.

It's available in four colors and measures 68.9 inches high, 19.7 inches wide and 19.9 inches deep.

Promising review: "Absolutely perfect for small spaces! Has soooo much storage!" — Anonymous

"This is a game changer! It’s so compact yet holds everything you need. Perfect for small bedrooms and apartments. Building it took forever but it’s totally worth it for the price." — Eileen
A kitchen baker's rack that'll also transform an office space
No kitchen island, no problem. This cool, versatile piece adds ample open shelving that you can use for kitchen essentials like your coffee maker, microwave, toaster and dishes or for your office printer, books and desk supplies. It also features side hooks for you to keep oven gloves, dish towels, cooking utensils or hats, bags, sweaters and headphones.

It's available in multiple colors and measures 48.62 inches high, 23.62 inches wide and 15.7 inches deep.

Promising review:"Honestly love this thing. My kitchen is small with cabinets that are tall and out of reach so its nice to have this as an alt storage option." — Hannah

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