Wayne LaPierre, NRA Chief, Signals No Compromise On Guns Ahead Of Senate Hearing

Wayne LaPierre, the NRA's chief lobbyist, will be among the star witnesses at tomorrow's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence.

Don't expect any surprises. LaPierre will hold to the NRA's bedrock position of no compromise on gun control legislation, according to prepared remarks distributed by the NRA on Tuesday afternoon.

"As I said earlier, we need to be honest about what works and what does not work. Proposals that would only serve to burden the law-abiding have failed in the past and will fail in the future," LaPierre says in the remarks.

"And when it comes to the issue of background checks, let's be honest - background checks will never be "universal" - because criminals will never submit to them."

What LaPierre has to say -- and how he comports himself -- under potentially fierce questioning from Senate Democrats are another matter entirely. If his previous performances in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting are any guide, his tone will probably fall somewhere between strident and unhinged, depending on your perspective.

Also testifying tomorrow will be Mark Kelly, husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Gifford, who miraculously survived being shot point-blank in the head during a shooting rampage two years ago.